May 23 Market Update

249 = number of market visitors

10 = number of vendors today

1 = number of fire trucks that came to the market to check it out

2 = number of weeks the market has been open

I can hardly believe that this is only the second week of the market!  At the suggestion of a friend at KU Med, we bought a “clicker counter” at an office supply store to count how many people showed up today.  This, happily, was my job.  It made me so elated to click away as cars and bicycle pulled up, and people walking their dogs stopped by to see what was going on.  And I couldn’t believe the numbers!  Over 100 people came to the market before 1 pm, and by the end of the market, my count was 249.  It makes me wonder whether my estimate of how many people came last week was incorrect!

New this week: organic dog treats and a water dish for our furry friends who came along to the market.  I didn’t get a complete count today, but I think we had about 5-10 dogs today.

A huge thank you goes to the many volunteers from Rainbow Mennonite Church who helped today with surveys, information table, the community garden and family activity tables, and waving at people on Southwest Boulevard.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Stay tuned for pictures from the market, and remember that the market will be open on Memorial Day weekend, same time and same place.  Stock up on fresh local lettuce, salad greens and other goodies for your Memorial Day barbecues and picnics!

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