April Market Musings…

I couldn’t help but get excited about our market this weekend as I saw the signs for the opening of several other farmers markets in the area.  I love everything about farmers markets – the conversations with old friends and new, the festive, cheerful atmosphere, the chance to be outside, and of course, the delicious, locally grown food.  With less than a month to go before the opening of the Rosedale Farmers Market, I find myself already dreaming about fresh salad greens, strawberries, and asparagus; vegetable transplants and spring flowers.

We’re finalizing the market logo this week with the wonderful designers at Springboard Creative, and starting the printing of the Rosedale Farmers Market tokens and banners in preparation for the first day of the market on May 16, 2010.  I’m trying to find a countdown tool to put on our site – check back later today to see if I succeeded!


Many thanks to Rosedale community gardener Aaron Barnhart for this fantastic video on the Crescent City Market in New Orleans, and for letting us share it!

Hello world!

Thank you for visiting the Rosedale Farmers Market online!

When: Sundays, May 16 – October 17, Noon to 4 p.m., rain or shine

Where: Parking lot of Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care, 340 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, Kansas

Debit cards, EBT/Vision cards and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program Benefits accepted.

The Rosedale Farmers Market is a participant in the Beans and Greens program, which will allow SNAP users to receive double value at the farmers market!

$5 SNAP benefits = $10 Rosedale Farmers Market tokens

Stay tuned for more details!