July 4 – Independence from Non-Local Food Day!

I can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate the fourth of July than being surrounded by local farmers and local produce.  This week we had voter registration at the Community Resource table, patriotic fruit parfaits and film canister rockets at the Family Fun table, and a fabulous mayo-free potato salad at the Fresh Fest.  Check out the photos from the market on our Flickr stream – I tried to document some of the beautiful produce for sale!

We’re looking forward to the coming weeks at the market, and our grateful to Diane and Aaron for taking charge of the weekly market e-newsletter.  If you haven’t already signed up, use the form below.

June 27 – Report from the market

What a wonderful day! We were so excited to have the Beans and Greens crew with us to celebrate the official launch of the double value SNAP coupons, and we were honored to have Commissioner John Mendez join us as well.  Gayla and Jenn with Beans and Greens brought beautiful balloons and t-shirts with their new logo, giving quite the festive atmosphere to the market.  Gayla, Commissioner Mendez, Board Chair Chris Alliman and Rosedale Development Association director Wendy Wilson spoke about their hopes for the double value and for the future of healthy foods in Rosedale.

KCTV 5 joined the celebration as well and showed the Rosedale Farmers Market several times on the evening news.  We hope to be able to post a link to the footage soon, but for now, check out the photos on Flickr!

Official Launch of the Beans&Greens Double Value Program Sunday!

Introducing Beans&Greens

The Rosedale Farmers Market is excited to be a part of the Beans&Greens program, a Kansas City initiative officially beginning this weekend that DOUBLES the amount EBT/SNAP and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program participants can spend at the Rosedale Farmers Market!

For example, if you spend $5 of EBT/SNAP benefits at the market, you will get $10 in tokens to spend at the RFM – stop by the information booth for more details and to participate in this matching program.


12:30 p.m. – Fresh Fest, featuring Creamy Turnip Cups

1:00 p.m. – Official welcome from community leaders

Activities for the whole family – from cooking demonstrations to the Family Fun table, there’s something for everyone

Lots of PIE! This Sunday is PIE DAY at the Rosedale Farmers Market – look for pies made with local fruit!
Raffle prizes (for SNAP/EBT participants)
Children’s activities
Balloons for the kids

Silent auction for Royals tickets – shaded dugout seats!
Fresh Fest – featuring Creamy Turnip Cups
Featured community resource – Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care
Baked goods


Fresh Fest begins this Sunday!

Hello faithful readers and Rosedale Farmers Market friends,

I am so excited to announce that this week the Rosedale Farmers Market will host the very first Fresh Fest, a weekly cooking and nutrition demonstration hosted by our very own summer HKI interns in the fitness center at Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care.  This Sunday the featured recipe is a Zesty Summer Squash Bake. The first demonstration will take place at 12:30 p.m.

See you at the market!

May 23 Market Update

249 = number of market visitors

10 = number of vendors today

1 = number of fire trucks that came to the market to check it out

2 = number of weeks the market has been open

I can hardly believe that this is only the second week of the market!  At the suggestion of a friend at KU Med, we bought a “clicker counter” at an office supply store to count how many people showed up today.  This, happily, was my job.  It made me so elated to click away as cars and bicycle pulled up, and people walking their dogs stopped by to see what was going on.  And I couldn’t believe the numbers!  Over 100 people came to the market before 1 pm, and by the end of the market, my count was 249.  It makes me wonder whether my estimate of how many people came last week was incorrect!

New this week: organic dog treats and a water dish for our furry friends who came along to the market.  I didn’t get a complete count today, but I think we had about 5-10 dogs today.

A huge thank you goes to the many volunteers from Rainbow Mennonite Church who helped today with surveys, information table, the community garden and family activity tables, and waving at people on Southwest Boulevard.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Stay tuned for pictures from the market, and remember that the market will be open on Memorial Day weekend, same time and same place.  Stock up on fresh local lettuce, salad greens and other goodies for your Memorial Day barbecues and picnics!

April Market Musings…

I couldn’t help but get excited about our market this weekend as I saw the signs for the opening of several other farmers markets in the area.  I love everything about farmers markets – the conversations with old friends and new, the festive, cheerful atmosphere, the chance to be outside, and of course, the delicious, locally grown food.  With less than a month to go before the opening of the Rosedale Farmers Market, I find myself already dreaming about fresh salad greens, strawberries, and asparagus; vegetable transplants and spring flowers.

We’re finalizing the market logo this week with the wonderful designers at Springboard Creative, and starting the printing of the Rosedale Farmers Market tokens and banners in preparation for the first day of the market on May 16, 2010.  I’m trying to find a countdown tool to put on our site – check back later today to see if I succeeded!


Many thanks to Rosedale community gardener Aaron Barnhart for this fantastic video on the Crescent City Market in New Orleans, and for letting us share it!